Other Walks

3 Grevenmacher Machtum

Marktplatz – Rue de Luxembourg – Kreuzerberg – Hougeriicht – Longkaul – Kelsbach – Fronay – Machtum – Deisermillen – route du Vin – Schaffmill – Marktplatz

Duration: 2 hours


4 Grevenmacher Réimerdenkmol

Marktplatz – Rue des Remparts – rue de Wecker – Gruewereck – Groussfooscht – Winterfeld – Potaschbierg – Réimerdenkmol – Golgrouf – Baamboescherbierg – Baamboesch – Longkaul – Hohgeriicht – Kreizerbierg – rue de Luxembourg – Marktplatz.

Duration: 3 hours


5 Grevenmacher Groesteen

Marktplatz – Boland – Roudeberg – Autobahnbrücke – Haard – Groesteen – rue de Manternach – rue de Münschecker – rue des Remparts – Marktplatz.

Duration: 2 hours


6 Grevenmacher Leitschbach

Marktplatz – rue de Münschecker – Päerdsmaart – op Flohr – Leitschberg – route du Vin – route de Trèves – Marktplatz.

Duration: 1 hour


7 Grevenmacher Manternach

Marktplatz – rue de Münschecker – Manternacherberg – Groesteen – Manternach – Manternacherfiels – Münschecker – Manternacherberg – rue de Münschecker – rue des Remparts – Marktplatz.

Duration: 3 hours


Cultural walk through the old fortified town

Grevenmacher, the metropolis of the Moselle and commercial center, is proud of its rich historical past and invites you to discover the remainders of the past during a cultural walk through the old fortified town.


Pilgrim road of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle

This path leads from Ouren/Lieler, close to the belgo-german border, to Vianden and Echternach, and afterwards – passing through Grevenmacher – to the city of Luxembourg. The following step is Schengen, passing first through Dudelange.


Moselle Trail
(Wasserbillig-Schengen 60 km)

On the Moselle trail you will discover the most beautiful sights of a landscape full of different cultures and traditions more than a thousand years old. You will be seduced by the beauty of these paths that will lead you through vineyards and picturesque villages offering you spectacular views on the Moselle river.


Path CFL Manternach-Mertert

From the railway station of Manternach – 5km from Grevenmacher – you can start a walk of 11.5 km which leads to Mertert thourgh the valley of the Syre and continues to Wasserbillig.


“Moselsteig” Schengen–Koblenz

The “Moselsteig” has a length of 365 km and is divided into 24 stopovers between Perl (D) and Koblenz (D). This trail passes through Wellen, neighbour village opposite Grevenmacher on the German side of the Moselle.


“Traumschleife” (dream loop) Saar-Hunsrück-Steig

Close to Grevenmacher, you can access 2 “Traumschleifen” which are part of the Saar-Hunsrück trail : the “Wein- und Naturpad Palmberg” in the village of Ahn (5km from Grevenmacher) and the dream loop “Manternacher Fels” (4km from Grevenmacher).


The Road of the Romans

The roman funerary monument discovered in Grevenmacher-Potaschberg had a height of at least 12m. Only part of it was reconstructed. You can see mythical ornaments and also scenes of every day life of a wealthy winemaker family.


Hiking map

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