Cultural Activities

Cultural-historical circuit

The Moselle valley is prosperous due to the proximity to water and fertile soils. This is why it was already colonized before the roman era. Along the walk through the old part of the city of Grevenmacher, visitors can discover numerous historical traces.

Fortress tower in the Syr street

In 2012/2013 the city of Grevenmacher, together with competent State services, renovated the second tower and part of the western city wall as well as two arcs, part of the walkway, and an arrow slit.

Chapel of the holy cross

On top of the “Kreuzberg” you will find one of the symbols of Grevenmacher, the legendary chapel of the holy cross. You will find more details under :


In the small “Turgaas” you will find a reconstruction of an ancient washing fountain inside the fortress-wall. It can be visited in the adjacent barn. Details can be found under:

Parish church

In 1782 the old watch- and defense-tower became the church-tower. The thick-walled tower has a height of 26m and is the geographical center of the ancient fortress. Details can be found under:

Kulturhuef (cultral yard)

Museum – Cinema – Pub

You can find more details about the former slaughterhouse, which has become a cultural center, under: